How to Make Chocolate Covered (Fill in the Blank)

If you are anything like me, you struggle with chocolate covering. The chocolate burns, or you add to much of something to get a thinner consistency, and then it never hardens, or it hardens while you are covering your treat. It seems like such a simple job, but so much can go wrong. Here is one trick I have learned:

1. Find a bowl that is slightly bigger than a small saucepan.

2. Boil water in that small saucepan.


3. Place the bowl with the desired amount of chocolate over the boiling water.


4. Holding the bowl with a pot holder, stir the chocolate. It will melt slowly at first.

5. All of the sudden, the chocolate will all be melty and ready for you to work with!

6. Turn off the burner but leave the bowl over the saucepan. The water will still be warm below the chocolate and will help keep it the right consistency for chocolate covering.

7. Cover strawberries, pretzels, monkey bites, or whatever else you would like!


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