How to Cut a Mango

Mangoes are tricky to slice… unless you know these helpful little tricks! Avoid the thick pit and use the skin as a guide to easily make mango slices or cubes. They are great on top of ice cream, mixed into salsas, added to black bean dishes, or just plain. Such a delicious way to add some fruit to every meal!

1. Wash the mango.


2. Cut the thick sides of the mango off. Do not aim for the center, since this is where the thick pit sits.


3. Cut the thinner sides of the mango off.

4. Continue to slice all good flesh from the remaining mango pit. You should have four large sides, plus a few thinner slices.


5. Take the mango side in your hand. Using a small knife, create longitudinal scores. If you are looking for mango slices, stop at this point and use a spoon to release the slices from the skin.


6. To dice the mango, create horizontal cuts through the mango.


7. Flip the skin inside out and use the knife to free the cubes from the skin.


8. Repeat this with the rest of the mango sides, and cube the remaining slices from the pit.



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