A Veggie Filled Evening in Orebic

September 4, 2011 at 9:00 am 2 comments

Only appropriate to share about the end of my time in Orebic during my last post about my summer travels! Hope you have enjoyed hearing about some of my summer wanderings, and check out the Adventures page if there are any posts you missed!

On our last evening in Orebic, we still had quite a bit of food in the fridge to clear out. We had an eggplant, some fennel, a bag of peppers from Bosnia, half of an onion, some gnocchi, and the other half of our pounded chicken breasts. I daydreamed of how to combine all of these different flavors as I soaked up my last views of the town and the sea, and came up with a plan. I’d make skewers! Too bad the skewers I thought I had seen in the utensil drawer earlier that day turned out to be strange knives. Not a set back, just a chance to think creatively about dinner again! I decided to pair the eggplant and fennel to make stacked rounds of veggies, use the peppers and onions together, and serve that alongside the chicken and the gnocchi, lightly tossed in olive oil salt and pepper.


I spent most of my energy on the eggplant. I sliced it into rounds, and then sliced the fennel into rounds. I carefully arranged the stacks, and then drizzled them with olive oil. I drizzled the pan with olive oil as well, and then arranged the eggplant on the pan. Instead of cooking them separately and then stacking them, I was for some reason determined to keep them together the whole time. To cook the eggplant through faster, I haphazardly covered the pan with another frying pan to trap the heat. Satisfied with this, I moved on to prepping the chicken and peppers. The peppers aren’t your typical densely hued bell peppers. They are pale and a little milder in flavor, and really great to soak up the flavor of what you cook it with.


At first I planned to keep these separate, but realized I had run out of pots and pans. Instead, I began to sautee the peppers and onions with some apple cider vinegar. I borrowed my method from cooking the apricot chicken and moved some of the veggies to the side. The chicken simmered in the vinegar and was covered by peppers to maintain the heat. A little ingenuity made up for a lack of kitchen tools!


Dinner was satisfying – the chicken was moist while the peppers retained some crunchiness, contrasting nicely. The eggplant was also really tender, even if it didn’t pick up as much fennel flavor as I had hoped. It still looked really cool, so I want to continue to experiment with how to make it better! We all had a craving for ice cream (sledolad), and so walked to town after dinner to visit Azra’s favorite ice cream shop. The employees handle hordes of customers at a time, but always had a smile and often put on a show. I tried rosehip and hazelnut ice cream, which was heaven on a cone. The rosehip had a really intense fruit flavor that seemed most similar to a tart dried cherry, but was much sweeter and more intense. It was countered really nicely by the hazelnut, and I found myself wanting another cone after finishing my first! A great last evening at a great friend’s vacation home.


Question: What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?


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  • 1. Rufus' Food and Spirits Guide  |  September 4, 2011 at 10:25 am

    Those peppers look amazing, before and after being cooked. My wife laughs because I always get mint chocolate chip Breyer’s.


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