Container Crazy?

May 13, 2011 at 7:17 am Leave a comment

I think I am going crazy. End of year burn out is really getting to me. Good thing only 2 exams stand in my way of the end of first year and summer! In honor of all things crazy…

I may or may not have a slight obsession with containers… it started when I innocently put out my roommate’s never-used, adorable navy blue flour and sugar jars out on the countertop. Unfortunately, she moved out a few months later and took them with her, leaving me with a lot of dry goods and nowhere to put them. Thanks to Target and free shipping, I got my very own containers a few days later! Notice the labels: this is essential for keeping them straight. Before I made those, my roommate confused the kosher salt and the sugar – that cornbread was saltier than the ocean!

Not only do I really like the way these look on my countertops, they are also really practical! All of my dry goods are easily accessible, and easily stored. Having containers like these also allows me to buy certain items in bulk – I can easily get to what I need while storing the rest away in my pantry for later. Not all items are good to buy in bulk, but this can really save money when you stock up on non-perishables and staples! My favorite items to get at Costco’s and BJ’s are pasta, oatmeal, peanut butter, and raisins. You can easily put the oatmeal or the raisins in smaller containers for daily use while storing the rest away! You can also get bulk spices at Costco or at ethnic food stores, and having a smaller jar to keep what you will use available is really handy.

While I love my store-bought containers, I love my found items even better. I am currently using two Ball canning jars as utensil holders, and two more to store ground coffee and flax seeds. I am also using baby food jars left over from my health fair cookies to hold spices that I picked up for cheap at a Middle Eastern stand near Haymarket. I also have some old pickle and apple sauce jars that I use for mixing my own salad dressing, and frequently horde empty yogurt containers to re-use as tupperware.

You tell me… am I crazy, or just resourceful?

Question: What is something that you have found a new use for in the kitchen?


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