Southwestern Breakfast for Dinner

May 3, 2011 at 9:54 am 2 comments

Breakfast for dinner, my favorite! Like I mentioned yesterday, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day, so why only eat breakfast food for breakfast? Now, I am not advocating for frequent cereal dinners and some of my guy friends admit to doing, but an omelette or some sweet potato pancakes for dinner every once in a while – yes please!

This meal was again inspired by that abundance of sweet potatoes sitting in my closet. This should be the last of the sweet potato recipes for a little while – I have finally depleted my store and am sweet potato-ed out for a little bit! This is another great one-pan, quick weeknight dinner when school or work or life gets a little overwhelming. I used some leftover black beans that I reconstituted and mixed with some canned tomatoes and onions. You can use some canned black beans, but add some more spices or a spoonful of salsa to them to up the flavor. The recipe is written out for a one person meal, but you can easily double everything and make it for two and still keep it quick and easy. You can make this a one-pan meal by making the omelette on the side after the potatoes are done, since the eggs will cook in just a few minutes. I served my omelette and  home fries with an arugula side salad simply dressed with a little olive oil, lime juice, and paprika. Delicious!

Question: Do you ever make breakfast for dinner, or eat leftover dinner for breakfast? My roommate just found out that her boyfriend often prefers to eat leftover for dinner for breakfast the next morning because it keeps him full longer than a bowl of oatmeal or cereal does. She found this so weird, but he is not the first person I have heard to do that! Another one of my good friends also eats dinner for breakfast because she gets a late lunch break and hates the hungry-at-11 feeling when lunch isn’t until 1pm. I love breakfast too much to do that, but do make sure to include more protein (love me some peanut butter toast or peanut butter banana oatmeal!) if I know I have a busy morning or late lunch plans.

Black Bean Omelette and Sweet Potato Home Fries

For home fries: (adapted from The Food Network)

½ small onion

½ tsp garlic

1 small sweet potato

dash cumin

dash cinnamon

dash season salt

1 tsp paprika

¼ cup vegetable stock

For omelette: 

2 eggs

1/4 cup black beans

cumin, salt, pepper and paprika to taste

Steam the sweet potato in a basket steamer or the microwave until skin is loose to make it easier to peel. Once skinned, put back to steam until soft the whole way through. Meanwhile, coat a skillet with cooking spray and add 1/2 of a finely chopped onion and 1/2 tsp of minced garlic. Saute until onions are soft. Cube the sweet potato into bite-sized pieces and add to skillet. Add the vegetable stock and seasonings, and stir fry until liquid is evaporated. Move to the side of the pan to allow to brown while you prepare the omelette.

In a bowl or a glass, beat 2 eggs with a little salt and pepper. Add to side of pan. Once a spatula can be run under the eggs without them running, add spiced black bean mixture to the center of the eggs. Fold one side of the eggs over to form a moon shaped omelette. Flip so that both sides are crispy and browned.

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